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Compromise Agreement
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Redundancy compromise agreement specialists

The use of redundancy compromise agreements has become more widespread in recent years as the number of redundancies has increased. Many employers will initiate a compromise agreement to prevent employees from bringing a case in front of an employment tribunal in the future. Here at Howells Solicitors, we have a team of lawyers with vast experience of drawing up redundancy compromise agreements and tailoring them specifically to the circumstances of each case. If a redundancy compromise agreement is signed by both the employer and employee then it amounts to the mutual termination of the employment contract.

A specialised legal team - such as the redundancy compromise agreement solicitors here at Howells - play an important part in the process for both parties. We work on behalf of employers to ensure the redundancy compromise agreements drawn up are specific to their needs, leaving no room for comeback from the employee. We also work on the behalf of the employee, to ensure the redundancy compromise agreement on offer is fair and proper.

Redundancy compromise agreements protect both parties

There are benefits for both parties when signing redundancy compromise agreements. The benefits for employers include:
  • Certainty as to the amount of money you will be liable, when defending a claim the amount could be far higher;
  • A reduction in the amount of time required to settle the case;
  • The removal of the risk of adverse publicity for your business;
  • Resolves a situation quietly and quickly without involving other employees in the dispute, which may adversely affect the morale and commitment of your workforce.
A professionally drawn up redundancy compromise agreement will provide a detailed breakdown of the full redundancy pay entitlement and exactly how these payments will be made. These payments differ in every case depending on the specific circumstances. It is essential you use the services of a specialist redundancy compromise agreement solicitor like Howells, who have the experience to deal with every case as if it were a one-off.
  • We will take the time to understand whether a redundancy compromise agreement is the most appropriate route for your business;
  • We thoroughly compile the relevant information about your business allowing us to tailor unique redundancy compromise agreements;
  • We will act on your behalf to broker the deal with the employee’s representatives.
For a specialist, competitively priced and fully tailored redundancy compromise agreement, contact Howells Solicitors today.