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Expert compromise agreements from Howells Solicitors

Compromise agreements are legally binding agreements, used by both employers and employees alike. A compromise agreement will regularly be required following the termination of an individual’s employment. A financial sum will usually be agreed from the employer to the employee in return for agreeing they will have no further claim against the employer should a breach of statutory obligation occur.

When searching for compromise agreement solicitors, it is essential you use a firm with a wealth of experience as no two compromise agreements are the same. You should be wary of solicitors looking to adopt a one size fits all approach. Here at Howells, we expertly tailor each compromise agreement to the facts and circumstances of each case.

Compromise agreements for dismissals and redundancies

The primary use of compromise agreements is employers speeding up the ‘parting of ways process’ to ensure a clean break with no further repercussions from former employees. They are most commonly used in dismissals and redundancy situations, waiving an employee’s right to bring a case to a tribunal in exchange for a financial settlement. Although compromise agreements can be used in other employment situations, their purpose is the same.

Prompt and professional compromise agreement advice for employees

If you have been offered a compromise agreement from your employer then you should carefully consider the offer, and speak to an expert compromise agreement solicitor before you accept the offer. If a compromise agreement is offered in the first place then your employer is obviously concerned about a case you may be able to bring against them in the future. It therefore warrants careful consideration. You may be offered a compromise in the following circumstances:
  • If you are considering taking your employers to an employment tribunal;
  • If you are being harassed, treated unfairly or bullied at work;
  • If you are under the threat of redundancy.
In such circumstances it is important firstly to know how strong a case you would have if you were to bring a case to trial; something that Howells’ compromise agreements solicitors have a wealth of experience in. You also need to know whether the compromise agreement you have been offered is a figure which is representative of the circumstances, and you are not being given a lesser settlement that your situation deserves. It is also important to be able to leave your job promptly and without further stress.

Whether you are an employer looking to have a team of experienced, specialist solicitors draw up a compromise agreement, or you’re an employee who would like us to cast our expert eye over a compromise agreement you have been offered, contact Howells Solicitors today.